Where Borders Bleed

Where Borders Bleed


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Author: Rajiv Dogra
Publisher: Rupa Publications
No. of pages: 296
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Language: English
ISBN: 9788129135735
Published on: 2015
Book Format: Hardcover


Where Borders Bleed is a keenly observed and anecdotal account of a factious landscape that has long engaged global attention the Indo Pak region. Covering almost seventy years of conflict, it chronicles the events leading up to Partition, reflects on the consequent strife and provides a fresh, discursive perspective on the figures who have shaped the story of this land from Lord Louis Mountbatten and Muhammad Ali Jinnah to Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh.

Covering historical, diplomatic and military perspectives, where borders bleed is intrepid, engaging with a range of contentious issues that have shaped Indo Pak relationsn water sharing, Kashmir and Article 370. Equally, it is speculative. It asks would terror have affected the world the way it has, if 'PakIndia' had been a benign single entity? What if India and Pakistan were to reunite, much like East and West Germany? As the now-largest nation in the world, would the mammoth PakIndia radically change the globe's geo political framework? These questions combined with the author's own diplomatic access to rare archival material and key leaders across borders make this a one of a kind book on the story of India and Pakistan.

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