The Harappa Trilogy Box Set

The Harappa Trilogy Box Set

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Author: Vineet Bajpai
Publisher: Treeshade Books
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Language: English
ISBN: 9788193642467
Published on: 2018
Book Format: Paperback
Subject: Crime / Thriller


It is not every day that you get to read nail-biting thrillers that are as good as racy Hollywood movies, and yet carry profound literary depth. Bestselling Indian author VI NEET bajpais writing style is captivating, cinematic and almost certainly addictive. Kashi, part 3 of the Harappa trilogy, has been released recently and has been the most awaited book of the year. Defying genre-categorization, the Harappa novels are an intense combination of historical drama, mythological fiction, fantasy, religious thriller, occult, action and a modern-day international crime saga. The Harappa series success is a sign of literary progress which indicates that Indian fiction need not necessarily be a young-adult romance to succeed. Beautifully drawn characters and vivid descriptions of ancient and medieval locations transport readers to a different world - where they find themselves amazed, surprised, amused and exhilarated. The excitement of getting back to the earliest history of the Indian subcontinent is accentuated by the delicate and meticulous weaving-in of fiction and present-day events. Intriguing questions around the Aryan invasion theory, the disappearance of the Saraswati river and the mysterious vanishing of the Indus Valley civilization have all been addressed with the deftness of an extraordinary story-teller. The Harappa trilogy has sold over 1, 00, 000 copies in a short span of just 18 months, which makes it one of the most successful works of Indian fiction in recent years. This box-set is a collector item for all book lovers. It is also an excellent gift set for festival gifting. The fourth part of the series, titled Dhoomketu oceans on fire, is slated for an early 2020 release....

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