Systems Analysis and Design (9e)

Systems Analysis and Design (9e)

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Author: Kenneth E. Kendall, Julie E. Kendall
Publisher: PHI Learning
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Language: English
ISBN: 9788120348622
Book Format: Paperback
Category: Textbook
Subject: Business


The ninth edition of systems analysis and design includes extensive changes inspired by the swift transformations in the is field over the past three years. Many innovative and upgraded features are incorporated throughout this new edition. In particular: new coverage of how systems analysts and organizations can participate in open source communities. Expanded coverage of the analyst role in erp (enterprise systems). New indepth coverage of project management techniques. Expanded coverage of when to use cloud services versus purchasing hardware and software. New coverage of time estimation techniques for project management. New coverage of the work breakdown structure (wbs) for project management. New material on designing corporate and ecommerce sites to include web 2. 0 technologies and social media. Innovative treatment of designing apps for smartphones and tablets. Expanded coverage of designing input for intranets, the web, smartphones, and tablets. New material on the relationship of business intelligence to data warehouses, big data, business analytics, and text analytics. Innovative coverage on designing gesturebased interfaces for smartphones and tablets. Additional material on designing alerts, queries, and notices for smartphones and tablets. Innovative handling of designing twodimensional (2d) codes such as microsoft tags and qr codes for input. New material on how serviceoriented architecture and cloud computing are changing the nature of information systems design. Expanded coverage of erp systems and their relationship to cloud computing.

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