Scenes from a writers life

Scenes from a writers life

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Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Penguin Random House
No. of pages: 178
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Other Specifications

Language: English
ISBN: 9780140270662
Published on: 2017
Book Format: Paperback
Category: Biography
Age group: Teens


Scenes From A Writer’s Life: A Memoir starts off by highlighting Ruskin Bond’s early years, six of which were spent at Jamnagar. His memories of the place are quite bittersweet. He describes the time he spent playing with his sister Ellen at the Ram Vilas Palace grounds. The author also writes about the bitter relationship between his parents that left him with a lot of insecurity.

His unhappiness worsens when his father passes away when he is only ten years old. He stays on with his mother and stepfather, who pay little or no attention to his needs and requirements. He keeps himself occupied with the help of books and some friends. Most of his time is spent on his own, during which he decides that he will walk the path of a writer.

Scenes From A Writer’s Life: A Memoir mainly focuses on the author’s trip to England and the struggle he went through in pursuit of a publisher. The conflicting nature of the Anglo-Indian world is brought to life by the writer, whose writing is mainly influenced by the time spent at various hill-stations near the Himalayas.

Scenes From A Writer’s Life: A Memoir traces his life as he writes his first book, The Room On The Roof, in England. He receives a literary prize for his book and the book details the decisions he makes after his newfound success.


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