Saraswati (840)

Saraswati (840)

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Author: Reena Ittyerah Puri
Publisher: Amar Chitra Katha
No. of pages: 32
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Language: English
ISBN: 9789350851203
Published on: 2000
Book Format: Paperback


Brahma, one among the Holy Trinity who is highly revered in the Hindu mythology, slowly descends into an intense meditative state that sees him attain inner bliss. At that moment, the radiance emanating from the Creator of the Universe brings forth another Divine being. This magnificent form that has taken birth from Brahma’s mind is that of Goddess Saraswati, the goddess who bestows knowledge and wisdom to one all. The power of wisdom of the Goddess Saraswati is such that it enlightens the mind of the very Creator of this entire cosmos. The story in the book Saraswati: Stories Of The Goddess Of Wisdom illustrates the Divine personality of the Goddess in a very engaging manner. The book essentially takes readers through a journey of the epic life of the Goddess. Some instances from her existence that have been brought to light in the book include the incident where Goddess Saraswati saves one and all from the ravaging Vadavagni by turning herself into a mighty river with help from Lord Shiva. There is also a wonderful description of how the Goddess herself faces the wrath of a curse when she is unfortunately drawn into a battle between two powerful sages Vasishtha and Vishwamitra. Saraswati: Stories Of The Goddess Of Wisdom is the story of the Goddess of Wisdom that extends right from her birth from Brahma’s mind, till the time she becomes one with the vast ocean.

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