People Tools for Business

People Tools for Business

Strategies for Building Success, Creating Wealth & Finding Happiness

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Author: Alan C. Fox
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
No. of pages: 216
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Language: English
ISBN: 9788184958003
Published on: 2016
Book Format: Paperback
Category: Essay
Subject: Business



Practical and easy to understand, People Tools address specific issues like developing self-confidence, improving management skills, finding constructive ways to respond to being fired and provide a simple, straightforward strategy that you can adopt to bring about a positive result.

People Tools for Business is organized into 50 chapters. Each chapter illustrates a different People Tool using insightful stories and amusing anecdotes from Alan’s life. From learning how to talk about money with your partner, how and when to apologize, to increasing trust and intimacy, each tool addresses a specific relationship issue and provides a simple, straightforward approach that you can adopt to create a positive result.

Some of the useful People Tools in the book include:
• Be A Contrarian. Whether it’s selling when everyone else says buy, or speaking your mind when it’s against the status quo, being a contrarian often pays off
• Budget, Don’t Fudge It. If you intend to be successful in business, or in your personal life, it’s crucial to have a plan, especially a financial plan
• Multi-Goaling. Recent studies have shown that multi-tasking actually diminishes your efficiency. That’s why Fox suggest “multi-goaling”: the simple art of making sure that everything you do kills (at least) two birds with one stone
• Advertise Your Mistakes. Ironically, being vulnerable and admitting that you’re not perfect will make you a stronger leader

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