Orthodontics, The Art and Science

Orthodontics, The Art and Science

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Author: Bhalajhi S. I.
Publisher: Arya (Medi) Publishing House
No. of pages: 702
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Language: English
ISBN: 9788186809617
Book Format: Hardcover


Sixth edition is totally revised new book. Deficiencies of previous edition have been eliminted. New chapters with illustration have been added. It is must book for everyone related to dentistry and specially orthodontics. Even if you have previous ediition you must buy it because it is completely new book.Over a decade, six editions and numerous re-runs and the fact that it is now being used by under-graduate dentists & Dental Surgeons in many countries across the world was enough encouragement to come up with a multi color edition of the same incorporating the recent advances in this field. The book also covers the entire syllabus for Dental students in India and rest of the world. Contents • Introduction to Orthodontics • Growth and Development - General Principles and Concepts • Growth and Development of Cranial and Facial Structures • Development of Dentition and Occlusion • Functional Development • Occlusion - Basic Concepts • Classification of Malocclusion • Etiology of Malocclusion • Habits • Epidemiology of Malocclusion • Orthodontic Diagnosis • Cephalometrics • Skeletal Maturity Indicators • Model Analysis • Biology of Tooth Movement • The Mechanics of Tooth Movement • Anchorage • Age Factor in Orthodontics • Preventive Orthodontics • Interceptive Orthodontics • Methods of Gaining Space • Arch Expansion • Extractions • Orthodontic Appliances - General Principles • Removable Appliances • Fixed Appliances • Myofunctional Appliances • Orthopaedic Appliances • Treatment Planning • Management of Some Common Malocclusions •Management of Class II Malocclusion • Management of Class III Malocclusion • Management of Open Bite • Management of Crossbite • Management of Deep Bite • Cleft Lip and Palate • Surgical Orthodontics • Retention and Relapse • Miscellaneous

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