Operations Research

Operations Research

Contains 675 Examples, 1715 Exercises & 290 Illustrative Diagrams

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Author: Er. Prem Kumar Gupta, Dr. H. S. Hira
Publisher: S. Chand Publishing
No. of pages: 1432
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Other Specifications

Language: English
ISBN: 9788121902816
Published on: 1976
Book Format: Paperback


Comprehensively written in a manner that suites the students of Mechanical Engineering and Commerce & Management, "Operations Research" transmutes deftly into a resource or a reference text for the students of statistics and mathematics or aspirants of various entrance examinations including UPSC.
Coverage of popular topics such as Linear Programming, Probability Theory and Queuing Models are supplemented with numerous examples, tables and figures which are then followed by exercises thereby providing the assurance to fulfil every requirement of understanding of the student. A book which has seen, foreseen and incorporated changes in the subject for more than 40 years, it continues to be one of the most sought-after texts by the students.

Salient Features:

• 16 chapters succinctly cover every crucial concept of the subject.
• Close to 2300 examples, figures and tables aid to the concepts explained.
• 1800+ exercise questions enhance the practice quotient of the book.

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