No Directions

No Directions

An Odyssey to new land

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Author: Abhimanyu Jadli
Publisher: Notion Press
No. of pages: 170
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Language: English
ISBN: 9781644298688
Published on: 2018
Book Format: Paperback
Subject: Literature


“The development is like a river of efforts which is filling the eternal oceans of greed.”

The burgeoning greed and overwhelming desires of human beings will gradually result in leaving for our future generations a scorched planet- devoid of any life. Scientists and astronomers across the globe are trying to find solution for this sober grave situation.

What so ever certain questions still linger unanswered.

Is life possible on any other planet besides earth in the universe?

Do aliens exists. If yes are they more advanced and supreme to humans?

Is the concept of time travel really feasible…??

This books features a journey of a few individuals who are on a mission to save humanity.
Will they be successful in their noble endeavours?
Read the book to know the fate of the earth and the hardships encountered by these brave hearts.

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