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Author: B. Bhattacharyya
Publisher: Notion Press
No. of pages: 178
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Language: English
ISBN: 9781948473842
Published on: 2017
Book Format: Paperback
Subject: Self-Development


Sri Rama entered into a strategic alliance with Sugriva to recover Sita from the captivity of Ravana. Sugriva did not have any option but Rama had; he could have entered into an alliance with Bali. By using Ansoff Matrix, a standard analytical tool in strategy making, it can be readily shown that it would have been the optimal strategy for Rama! Valmiki wanted to find out a Purushattama (a perfect man) and he described 18 qualities in him. How many do you have? Want to be a leader? Do you speak more and listen less or not at all? Change the habit. Rama listened and became victorious; Ravana did not, and was vanquished. Do you know what body language is? About 80 percent of our communication is non- verbal. . Learn how to interpret body language. The Rama-Bhivisana alliance took place on the strength of the study of the body language of Bhivisana by none other than Hanumanji. These are modern management concepts and tools, but were prevalent and practised thousands of years ago. Read this book, internalize the lessons, and go up in your professional life.

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