Mahatma Gandhi Autobiography The Story Of My Experiments With Truth

Mahatma Gandhi Autobiography The Story Of My Experiments With Truth

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Author: Gandhi
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
No. of pages: 448
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Language: English
ISBN: 9788172343118
Published on: 2008
Book Format: Paperback
Category: Autobiography


He came like a tidal wave, with the promise of a calm breeze. He spoke of peace, and he promised total non-cooperation. A frail old man, clad in hand-woven khadi, the British didn’t take him seriously. After all, what could one fakir do against the British Empire? In retrospect, the dramatic awe the situation inspires is too good to be true. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born into a simple family. He studied to be a lawyer, was married young and loved his wife immensely. He began to realize the follies of being too beleaguered by sexual needs, and he gave up non-vegetarianism, trying meat only once. He went to London, where he studied law and hoped to be a lawyer. He journeyed to South Africa to practice, and there, outside his home, he discovered the true face of the British reign. He began to see how the coloured races were treated, and he began to fight against the regime. He returned to India, fuelled by one desire: independence. He battled the powerful British Empire with peace, nonviolence and total non-cooperation. His message of peace began to spread through the Indian people like a brushfire, and he led them in their fight for freedom. His teachings, principles and philosophy inspired them, and in return, they gave him a new name, one history would never forget: the name of Mahatma Gandhi. This is his autobiography, one of the most widely read and most detailed accounts of his life ever written.

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