Leadership for India Inc.

Leadership for India Inc.

An Experiential Treatise

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Author: C B Rao
Publisher: Notion Press
No. of pages: 474
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Language: English
ISBN: 9781947851559
Published on: 2017
Book Format: Hardcover
Subject: Business


Leadership is the engine of growth, in any walk of life. Leadership is often portrayed as the singular capability of an individual at the helm of an organisation. Theories and models of leadership that abound miss the point that true leadership is a highly multi-faceted and highly inclusive endeavour. This book Leadership for India Inc.: An Experiential Treatise is a unique work that is contextually relevant and culturally appropriate. Given that leadership with an Indian perspective is studied and researched less than it ought to be, this book fills a major gap. This book studies leadership from several practical and unique angles, and brings forth insights, models and constructs that are not often the mainstay of published leadership literature. The perspectives that are laid out in the book are fresh and original as well as offbeat and philosophical. The book presents a rich tapestry of the deep and diversified insights borne out of the author’s over four decades of working with leaders and working as a leader, which are discussed in a practical and fulsome manner. The book with its Prologue, forty chapters and Epilogue that cover comprehensively and in depth all aspects of leadership, serves as an experiential treatise for established as well as aspirant leaders for India Inc. It would equally serve as a reference text book for students and academicians as well as professionals and leaders. The book is dedicated, very appropriately, to the greatest leader of all times, Mahatma Gandhi.

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