Heidi: Read it Yourself with Ladybird - Level 4

Heidi: Read it Yourself with Ladybird - Level 4

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Author: Ladybird
Publisher: Ladybird
No. of pages: 48
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Other Specifications

Language: English
ISBN: 9781409307198
Published on: 2011
Book Format: Hardcover
Category: Children Story
Age group: 2 - 5 Years


Originally written by Swiss author Johanna Spyri in 1880, Heidi is a popular work of children's fiction. Heidi (Read it Yourself Level - 4), published by Ladybird, is a more simplified and short version of this children's story. It has been designed for children of grade 4 who are still learning to read fluently. With a vocabulary range fit for kids, this book is one that helps them learn new words.

The story of Heidi has been adapted into almost every medium of entertainment possible including film, television, and theatre. Adelheid, or Heidi, is a young, 5-year old whose parents pass away while she's young. Her aunt, Dete, brings Heidi to her grandfather's farm in the mountains so that she can live with him over there.

Heidi's grandfather is a man of solitude who lives away from the rest of the small mountain town at the very top. Heidi's arrival is seen as a unwanted disturbance in his life as a recluse. However, with his granddaughter's exuberant spirit, he soon finds his attitude towards her changing.

Eventually, Heidi's aunt, Dete comes back and takes Heidi to live in the city. Over there, Heidi is hired as a companion to one wealthy, crippled girl named Clara, who is immediately enamored by Heidi's simplicity and positivity. The rest of the story looks at how Heidi manages to overcome her challenges, while along the way, helping Clara overcome her own obstacles as well.

Reflecting the beauty of nature, friendship, and relationships, this story is one that has been tailor-made for children as well as those who love children. Heidi (Read it Yourself Level - 4) was published by Penguin UK in 2011, and is available in hardcover.

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