Genghis Khan: The World Conqueror

Genghis Khan: The World Conqueror

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Author: Sam Djang
Publisher: Rupa Publications
No. of pages: 610
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Language: English
ISBN: 9788129119605
Published on: 2012
Book Format: Paperback
Category: Biography
Subject: War


Adorned with several epithets which range from 'the great conqueror' to 'evil incarnate.' Genghis Khan's names never fails to elicit strong, passionate reactions. However, there is a need to revisit and take a closer look at his life, rather than limiting him to a few glib phrases.

'His eyes were sparkling, even under the dim light of the lamp. They had the delicacy of the eagle, which can notice even the slightest movements of a small warm on the ground from high in the sky, the sensitivity and sharpness of a wolf, which senses movements of small animals from far away, the smartness of the fox and the dignity of the tiger.'

Born Temujin, this courageous, astute boy from the Mongolian Plateau learnt the lessons of life from nature and his surroundings. Endowed with the qualities of leadership and a ruthlessly strong will, Genghis Khan was driven by the desire to unite the various tribes under one banner. An able administrator and a crafty warrior, he founded one of the largest empires in history- an empire that stretched from the China Sea in the west: from Siberia in the north to Central China in the south—that religious tolerance, unity and meritocracy.

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