DreamChasers: Women Entrepreneurs from the South of the Vindhyas

DreamChasers: Women Entrepreneurs from the South of the Vindhyas

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Author: Shobha Warrier
Publisher: Vitasta Publication
No. of pages: 244
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Language: English
ISBN: 9789386473349
Published on: 2018
Book Format: Hardcover
Subject: Women


Shobha Warrier, senior journalist and author of Dream chasers --Entrepreneurs from the South of the Vindhyas is back, this time, with a book on inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs from the South of India.
The book starts with the fascinating journey of 74-year-old Deborah Thiagaraj an, who created DakshinaChitra and ends with 29-year-old Likitha Bhanu of Terra Greens Organic. The others include Poonam Natarajan of Vidya Sagar, Vandana Gopikumar of The Banyan, Ranjini Manian of Global Adjustments, Nalini Shekar of Hasiru Dala and Padmashri Shanthi Ranganathan, whose name is synonymous with Asia's first de-addiction centre, the TTK Hospital.
Also featured are Sheela Kochouseph Chittilapally, who runs V-Star, a household name in Kerala, Radhika Menon of Tulika Publishers, Saloni Malhotra of Desire, Svati Bhogle of Sustaintech India, Sreeja Arangottukara of Paatasala, transgender activist Kalki Subramaniam of Trans/Hearts and Sabriye Tenberken of kanthari.
The remarkable stories of these entrepreneurs point to one thing: With dedication and hard work, anyone can achieve even the unachievable and that gender has no role to play in it. A must-read for all budding entrepreneurs.
The case studies in this book recount how women deploy their organising abilities and vision to establish and make a variety of enterprises successful.
Though the book's title implies that they are all South Indian women, these women operate south of the Vindya's, but they are all not South Indians...some are even foreigners who chose South India as the location to chase their dreams.
These case studies also reminded me that for achieving anything, women must struggle many times more than men... particularly within the Indian

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