Complete Sufi Comics Collection

Complete Sufi Comics Collection

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Author: Mohammed Ali Vakil, Mohammed Arif Vakil
Illustrator: Rahil Mohsin
Publisher: Sufi Studios
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Language: English
Book Format: Paperback

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40 Sufi Comics

An amazing collection of stories of faith, wit and values sourced from Islamic history & tradition. Facing each story are verses from the Qur'an and sayings of the Prophet & his family.

Nurture your soul through spiritual wisdom.

The Wise Fool of Baghdad

What can a man dressed in rags, and ostensibly mad teach us about life? Everything as it turns out. Bahlool who lived in Baghdad, circa the 8th century AD, feigned madness to escape the oppression of the ruling class. Now free of the burden of normalcy he dispensed wisdom in strange and amusing ways.

The Wise Fool of Baghdad is a collection of these true stories, richly illustrated in the Turkish-Iranian miniature style. Every story is followed by sacred verses of the Qur'an and traditional sayings, inscribed in Arabic By Muqtar Ahmed, one of India's finest Islamic calligraphers.

Get the book. In the crazy times we live in, you'll probably need a fool to make sense of it all.

Sufi Comics: Rumi (Volume 1 & 2)

Sufi Comics - Rumi is an enriching collection of Rumi’s entrancing poems in graphic form. We’ve chosen to portray the illustrations in the Turkish-Iranian miniature style to reflect the ambiance of 13th Century Persia.

Every poem is followed by sacred verses of the Holy Quran and Islamic traditions, to reflect the inspiration of Rumi’s poems. These verses and traditions are inscribed in Arabic by Muqtar Ahmed, one of India s finest Islamic calligraphers.

We live in a world that is increasingly materialistic and devoid of the spirit. In times like these, Rumi's poems are an invitation to get in touch with your soul and experience Divine Love.

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