Business Analytics and Financial Planning

Business Analytics and Financial Planning

Maximize your profit using data models

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Author: Vikas Raj
Publisher: CNBC TV18
No. of pages: 160
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Language: English
ISBN: 9789387860582
Published on: 2019
Book Format: Hardcover
Subject: Business


India is a vast economy of savers but only a small percentage of it is participating in the capital markets and benefitting from the fast economic growth that is currently happening and also in store in the future owing to the demographic dividends and developments in the country. Financial planners and wealth managers are doing their bit in educating the people and hand holding them to invest wisely and plan for their future, in addition, to encouraging participation in the capital markets...

Being a qualified financial planner myself, I felt the urge to serve this community of people who are relentlessly working to help people live a better life by advising them on creating and managing wealth. In recent times, many regulatory amendments meant to safeguard the interests of investors has led to a squeeze on the revenue margin of financial planners and advisors. This has put significant pressure on financial planners to scale up their business to compensate for the reduced margins. On the other hand, the emergence of new technologies and its democratization has enabled wider outreach, complex problem solving and scalability at low costs. This book will help financial planners harness their existing resource, the data, and act as a guide on using new technologies and methods to make their business more efficient and profitable

This book is designed to help the financial planners and advisors on better use of data models in each and every aspect of financial planning and help them maximize their returns and minimize the wasteful expenditure of productive bandwidth of the team. This book will be helpful in creating business processes that will help the financial planners achieve maximum value from their clients by influencing their investment decisions at the right time with personalized and productive interventions. The use of data analytics along with human intelligence and business experience will help them earn the client confidence and demonstrate their value additions.

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