Bahubali Hanuman

Bahubali Hanuman

Classic Tales

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Author: Maple Press
Publisher: Maple Press
No. of pages: 16
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Language: English
ISBN: 978350332375
Book Format: Paperback
Category: Children Story
Subject: Miscellaneous
Age group: 5 - 9 Years


This story is of the monkey-god's mighty deeds.

Hanuman is a very popular Monkey-God. He can be seen in many Indian temples. He is the God of power and strength. He did not marry anybody in his life. He worshipped Lord Rama. He spent his entire life serving Lord Rama. Lord Rama loved him a lot. Tuesday is treated as the day of Hanuman Hundreds of Hindus worship him on this day.

Hanuman has a short thick neck, a round red face, sharp white teeth, beautiful hair and a long tail. He is very powerful. He can increase or decrease his size to either as big as a mountain or as small as a fly. A lot of stories about the brave Hanuman have been written in the Ramayana.

There are many stories about the brave Hanuman. When, he was very young, he saw the rising sun.

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