50 Greatest Short Stories

50 Greatest Short Stories

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Author: Terry O'Brien
Publisher: Rupa Publications
No. of pages: 588
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Language: English
ISBN: 9788129137258
Published on: 2015
Book Format: Paperback
Category: Novel
Subject: Miscellaneous


50 Greatest Short Stories is a selection from the best of the world’s short fiction, bringing together writings by great masters such as Anton Chekov, Rudyard Kipling, H.G. Wells, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Saki, O. Henry, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Guy de Maupassant.

Each story is a classic, a testimony to the skills of its creator that make it resonate with readers even today. Carefully picked for their timeless quality, readers are sure to be delighted by the inclusion of such favourites as ‘The Gift of the Magi’, ‘The Lady with the Dog’, ‘How the Leopard Got His Spots’, ‘The Man Who Could Work Miracles’, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ and ‘Mrs Packletide’s Tiger’, to name but a few.

This outstanding and wide-ranging anthology of stories by great writers from Britain, America, Canada and Europe is a collector’s item, designed for readers to refresh their acquaintance with some of the world’s finest writing and for newer readers to be introduced to it.

Anton Chekov, Charles Dickens, Katherine Mansfield, Guy de Maupassant, F. Scott Fitzgerald, H. Rider Haggard, O. Henry, Rudyard Kipling, W.W. Jacobs, Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence, Saki, Jerome K. Jerome, H.G. Wells, Kate Chopin, Ambrose Bierce, Jack London, Frank Stockton, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen Leacock, James Joyce, Bram Stoker, Joseph Conrad, M.R. James, W. Somerset Maugham,
R. L. Stevenson

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