11 Principle To Achieve Financial Freedom

11 Principle To Achieve Financial Freedom

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Author: Nandish Desai
Publisher: CNBC TV18
No. of pages: 175
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Language: English
ISBN: 9789380200682
Published on: 2013
Book Format: Hardcover
Subject: Economics


This book goes one level above traditional personal finance books; it teaches you to live an extraordinary financial life. Each person wants to know how to explore his full financial potential as an investor and this book teaches you just that. The book will act like your mentor, friend and coach, and show you how the best investors behave, think and act in their financial life. This book does not focus on products and numbers, but focuses on You. Personal finance is not about numbers, it is about You, and this book will help bring that change. Your financial life will change when you change, your numbers will change when you change. Your bank balance will grow when your thoughts grow and your wealth will grow when you choose to grow as a person. The book is written in a story format - Sams journey. Sam, an IT professional from Mumbai, is lost in his financial life; he finds a financial coach and works with him for 90 days to design an awesome financial life. Sam discovers that his vision for his financial life is ordinary and limited and during his journey he finds out a whole new world in his financial life. The book is divided into 11 chapters, which talks about 11 principles and with each level Sam is transformed into a more powerful investor. By the end of the 11 levels, Sam becomes a powerhouse of ideas to take his financial life to the next level. Sams financial coach teaches him wealth creation. The 90 Day Money Game as taught by his coach leads him out of the confusion that can be finance and investing, and changes Sams perception of personal finance and forges a new relationship between Sam and money. Grab this book and find out how you can take your financial life to the next level.

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